In 1986, Mr. Lin founded Worldwide Cable Opto. Corp..
The practical experiences and his personality became the base of the company.
The abundant experiences, responsible attitude, the continuous desire of improving and non-stop
to push the company to grow and challenge transform into the services and product
we offer to you.

  • Year Established
  • + Year Experiences
  • TOP SME Awarded by D&B

We are committed to working in partnership with you now and in the future.
We understand the demands of Client’s markets,
developing specific solutions, and integrating them into the processes.
  • Taiwan Taoyuan

    ● Year of establishment︰1986
    ● Factory size︰5,400m2
    ● Location︰Taoyuan, Taiwan
    ● Service︰Sales / Manufacturing / Finance / R&D / QC / Purchasing
  • China Guangdong

    ● Year of establishment︰2001
    ● Factory size︰15,000m2
    ● Location︰GuangDong, China
    ● Service: Sales / Manufacturing / R&D / QC
Your individual requirements
and needs are always
main focus.


Quality and Safety is the first priority in our products.