Construction Cable

Building wire and cable is used in the construction of almost every commercial, industrial, and residential property in the world.

Construction Cable is a key factor to building safety and high quality and reliable construction cables from WorldwideCables can ensure our clients to have safe environments to stay in!

  • Construction cable has extensive pplications in public, commercial and industrial buildings, residential buildings, and manufacturing plants or any other piece of commercial construction. The network of wiring and cabling plays an important role in delivering power, controlling building, data transmission, voice communication, and security, etc. to the entire infrastructure. Therefore, reliability, safety and durability are the three crucial features that WorldwideCables take seriously for our products.

    ◎ AC power
    ◎ Building
    ◎ Flame Retartent
    ◎ Low Toxicity

    With the trends in making building smart, WorldwideCables offer wide range of construction cables to satisfy clients’ requests in construction sites.

    • Single Conductor Cables
    • Low Voltage power cables
    • LSFH cables
    • Communication cables

    Above are the categories of construction cable that Worldwidecables could offer, and they can be broke down into more products in all categories.

  • Conductor : 0 - 48 AWG
    Insulation : PVC / SR-PVC / PP / PE / PE.F / PUR / TPE / TPO / TPU / TPR / TPV / PTFE / LSFH / Silicone / Rubber
    Shielding : Sprial / Braiding / Wrapping / Tube
    Jacket : PVC / PP / PE / PE.F / PUR / TPE / TPO / TPU / TPR / TPV / PTFE / LSFH / Silicone / Rubber



    WorldwideCables manufactures customized construction cables particularly meet customer’s market requirements. Moreover, we also offer CPR equivalent products for customers to choose from. Please send us your requests about construction cables and let our team to work with you from there!