Automotive Cable

Variety of Customized Automotive Cable
  • Worldwidecables always aims on latest regulations in automotive industry and prepares itself to provide best reliable solutions compatible with the increasingly strict rules to its customers. Applications for our cables in this sector listed below but not limited to these products.
    • Brake Cable
    • Trailer Cable
    • Car Parking Assistance System
    • Car Reverse System
    • Lighting System
    • Thermal Control Systems
    • Dashboard Signal System
    • Seat Belt

    Besides to above mentioned applications, clients may also give us their desired cable specifications and WorldwideCables can customize the most appropriate cable for them.

    ◎ FLY
    ◎ FLYW
    ◎ FLYK
    ◎ FLRY
    ◎ FLUY
    ◎ FLRYY
    ◎ FLYW
    ◎ FLYY
  • The Automotive Cables WorldwideCables offers run stable and high performance in different applications among vehicles

    With WorldwideCables’ commitment in offering high and reliable quality cable products, we stepped in manufacturing automotive cables at our early stage, and provide an extensive product range of multi-core shielded and unshielded cables in this category. Our cables dependably meet the requirements of thermal, chemical, electrical, mechanical with applications in Control, Comfort, Power, Safety, Sensor and Truck systems.
  • Conductor : 0 - 48 AWG
    Insulation : PVC / SR-PVC / PP / PE / PE.F / PUR / TPE / TPO / TPU / TPR / TPV / PTFE / LSFH / Silicone / Rubber
    Shielding : Sprial / Braiding / Wrapping / Tube
    Jacket : PVC / PP / PE / PE.F / PUR / TPE / TPO / TPU / TPR / TPV / PTFE / LSFH / Silicone / Rubber

    What Can We Do for You in addition to High Quality Automotive Cable ?

    We offer a wide range of value-added services that allow our customers to customize their automotive wire and cable. In addition to a range of colors, marking options, custom printing, and different lengths of special packaging. This allows you to make and order your wire and cable just the way you need it.
    Worldwidecables takes quality very seriously, and this is our products satisfy customers in automotive industry. Contact us about your unique inquiry and let’s work from there!