Irrigation Cable , Irrigation Control / Feeder / Signal Cable (UL Certified)

We are the only one UL certified manufacturer of Irrigation cable in Asia.
  • Cables for Irrigation System / Irrigation Equipment / Irrigation Machine / Irrigation Facility.

    WorldwideCables, the only one Irrigation Cable supplier in Asia, offers high quality cables met with UL standard to our field customers!

    The irrigation cables WorldwideCables produces cover the requirements for irrigation feeder, control, and signal cables rated 300 or 600V, 60 or 75°C. The insulated-conductor sizes starts from 24AWG to 18 AWG, solid or stranded copper.

    Cables in this category are planned for direct burial and are used to:
    1. Supply power to irrigation machines (feeder cable),
    2. Send power and/or signals to irrigation machines (control cable), and/or
    3. Supply guidance to irrigation machines (signal cable).
  • WorldwideCables is the only UL listed cable manufacturer for Irrigation Cable , Irrigation Control / Feeder / Signal Cable (UL Certified) in Asia. Our irrigation control cable, feeder cable and signal cable are weather, fertilizer resistant and enable to be applied in wet or dry outdoor environment or burreid underground. Primary installations of WorldwideCables Low voltage cable for irrigation / sprinkler system is to connect between solenoid valves and controller on residential, electrically controlled irrigation systems. Cables for irrigation systems, irrigation equipment, irrigation machine and irrigation facility are all available at WorldwideCables.
    WorldwideCables file number in UL for irrigation field : E491272
    Available range :
    Voltage rating : 300V / 600V
    Temperature rating : 60°C / 75°C

    WorldwideCables looks to match the cost considerations and requirements of customers in this sector, and therefore, we offer UL and Non-UL irrigation cables for clients to choose from. No matter the cable compliant with UL standards or not, we always manufacture reliable quality cables to help our customer to penetrate their market. Features of our irrigation cables list below.

    • Heavy duty outer sheath
    • Color coding helps to avoid incorrect assembly
    • Sunlight Resistant
    • Ozone Resistant
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Tested physically & electrically in accordance with UL standards (Optional)

    Clients may give us their desired cable specifications and WorldwideCables can design the most appropriate cable for them.

  • Conductor : 0 - 48 AWG
    Insulation : PVC / SR-PVC / PP / PE / PE.F / PUR / TPE / TPO / TPU / TPR / TPV / PTFE / LSFH / Silicone / Rubber
    Shielding : Sprial / Braiding / Wrapping / Tube
    Jacket : PVC / PP / PE / PE.F / PUR / TPE / TPO / TPU / TPR / TPV / PTFE / LSFH / Silicone / Rubber

    Product selections for irrigation cable
    Worldwidecables provides the best in cable characteristics, quality and reliability for all irrigation (controller) wiring requirements in Asia. Contact with our technical team about your requirements to work with the only one UL certified irrigation supplier in Asia!