Waterproof / Water Resistant / Water Block Cable ( PE Material)

Water block or resistant cable is a multi-conductor cable that is designed to be used in a wet or aquatic environment. The cable can be designed to perform in different types of aquatic environments such as saltwater, freshwater, and chlorinated pools. Water block, waterproof or water resistant cables can be designed to function completely submerged and at differing depths. Water block, waterproof or resistant cable is built using specific jacket material that can function in a wet environment. Aside from the jacket material of a water block, waterproof or resistant cable, the use of water blocking tape and/or water blocking fillers must be considered during the design phase.
  • ◎ Military
    ◎ Pressure Sensor Equipment
    ◎ Oil and Gas Refineries
    ◎ Fire Alarm
    ◎ Submarine
    ◎ Marine
  • WorldwideCables supplies full line-up waterproof cable category with our special cable material and design in order to ensure your product will function as it was intended, and possibly prevent damage to control electronics in wet or aquatic environment, such as saltwater, freshwater, and chlorinated pools environment or exposed to the elements.

    WorldwideCables offers waterblock cable in the following ranges of technical specifications:
    Gauge: 4/0 – 36AWG
    Voltage: 30V – 600V

    Watertight cable of WorldwideCables is normally assembled further with waterproof or weather proof connector as following :

    • Circular connectors /M-series connector. M5 / M8 / M9 /M12 / M15 / M16 / M23 types with 180° and 90° molded shape
    • Automotive water proof connectors.
    • Aviation connector GX series.
    • Waterproof Industrial I/O connectors.
  • Conductor : 0 - 48 AWG
    Insulation : PVC / SR-PVC / PP / PE / PE.F / PUR / TPE / TPO / TPU / TPR / TPV / PTFE / LSFH / Silicone / Rubber
    Shielding : Sprial / Braiding / Wrapping / Tube
    Jacket : PE